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3 Day Escape FAQs

Yes! We know it seems extensive, but trust us. Our packing list was created from decades of experience in the Grand Canyon. It is designed to cover varying weather conditions and we suggest bringing all the recommended items, even a fleece and rain jacket in the middle of summer.
Best case scenario, you have perfect weather and don’t need it! We usually hear that our packing list was great, but we can always tell if guests have rare perfect weather on their trip because they feel like they overpacked. As we like to say: it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

You’ll find our recommended packing list in the trip packet. A PDF is attached to the confirmation email or feel free to contact us if you’d like to receive this information prior to booking your trip.

Yes! Rain gear is used as a splash guard to protect against the cold 50-degree river water. Even on the hottest summer days some guests will wear their rain gear in the morning while going through rapids in the shade of the canyon walls.

You’ll want to look for rain gear that is waterproof, not just water resistant. Your jacket should also have a hood and the ability to cinch at the wrists and waist. Rain pants are optional, but we recommend bringing them if you run cold, there is rain in the forecast, or you are on an early/late season trip. It can be tricky to warm back up if you get cold and you don’t want to dread running the rapids! For more information on rain gear and what to look for check out our blog.

If you are on a 3 day trip, closed-toed shoes are not required for any activity at the Bar 10 Ranch. However, some guests prefer to bring them for walking on the uneven terrain and activities such as the horseback riding and the optional ATV tour. If you prefer to pack light, 1 pair of river shoes/sandals and 1 pair of flip flops would be sufficient.

The ideal river trip footwear has the following key features: good tread for slippery surfaces, attaches securely to your foot with laces/straps, and has arch support. You’ll also want to make sure your shoes are comfortable and broken in before your trip. Chaco, Keen, Teva and Merrell make great river sandals/shoes. We know there are a lot of different options out there, if you need help deciding which ones to bring head over to the blog for a list of pros and cons.

You’ll need to purchase alcohol before we pick you up because Bar 10 Ranch and Arizona River Runners do not provide or sell alcohol. All beer must be in cans, not glass. Wine should be in boxes. Liquor in a glass bottle is acceptable, but plastic is preferred.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas Liquor World at 195 E. Tropicana Ave is located within walking distance of the Desert Rose and has a selection of wine, beer, liquor and mixers.

South Rim: We recommend purchasing alcohol before arriving. The Canyon Village Market and Tusayan General Store do sell alcohol, but canned beer and boxed wine options are limited.

The Bar 10 Ranch does provide a cooler where you can chill drinks when you arrive. Please note that there is a 25-pound luggage limit (including beverages) on the charter flight, but there are no specific liquid restrictions. For groups, you may want to split up the beer cans among your bags so no one has more than 25 pounds. If you go over the weight limit, the airline may charge an excess baggage fee.

On the river, wine and liquor will be stowed by guides during the day and available in the evenings. Beer will be kept cool by the river and available during the day. Ice may be available in the evenings for cocktails.

We spend a lot of time planning meals that will suit the majority of guests. ARR is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions for medical or ethical reasons. It is important that you list your dietary restriction on your registration form and we will reach out with more information. We prefer to have this information well in advance of your trip, so we can learn more about your dietary restrictions and prepare.

Please note that the Bar 10 is in a remote location which makes it difficult to provide any alternatives to the standard menu. Once you are on the river, we will provide some meal alternatives but, the reality is that you are participating in a wilderness expedition with limited food-preparation facilities. We encourage guests with dietary restrictions to bring some additional food and snacks to supplement what we provide.

Some dietary restrictions we accommodate include: vegetarian, gluten intolerance/celiac disease, as well as peanut and other food allergies. If you have any questions about your specific dietary requirements, please contact our office.

We’ve had rave reviews about our food over the years, but it is important to have the right expectations. A river trip is adventurous & exciting, but not luxury & gourmet.

Yes! You’ll be travelling over 100 miles by various forms of transportation through remote wilderness. There are very few roads and the ones that do exist are long and bumpy dirt ones. There is no cell service or taxis. The transportation we provide really is the most convenient and logical way to access these locations.

Las Vegas: Whether you choose to stay at our designated hotel or elsewhere, you will be able to store your bags for a small fee. We offer return transportation back to the hotel to pick up your luggage at the end of your trip.

South Rim: We recommend that you check with your hotel to see if they have luggage storage options.

At the Ranch: After a day of ranch activities, you’ll likely want to take a shower. Thankfully, the Bar 10 Ranch has plenty of warm showers available. There are towels available to rent for a small fee, or you can bring a small towel from home. A sarong can also be used as a towel if you want to pack light. You can use your regular soap and shampoo.

On the River: Bathing during the rafting portion of your trip can be a bit tricky. The biggest challenge is the cold 50-degree water of the Colorado River, which feels quite chilly even on the hottest days. The easiest way to freshen up is using a few baby wipes or face wipes on your face, armpits, and feet. These work great for a quick clean up at night or in the morning. If you really want to bathe in the river, bring biodegradable soap and check out our blog for more info.

At the Ranch: Flush toilets!

On the River: Due to the arid climate and National Park Service requirements, all urine must go directly into the river. This means squatting/standing near the river’s edge or wading in. At night, we will provide handy pee buckets so you don’t need to find your way to the river in the dark.

In camp, the guides will set up a camp toilet system for solid waste while urine continues to go into the river. The camp toilet is just like any other toilet, only it doesn’t flush. If you need to poop during the day, don’t worry – the guides have a portable toilet system.

If you want more details on how it all works, check out our blog. The guides will also explain all the bathroom and sanitation details at your on-river orientation.

This tour is an optional add on to the 3 Day Escape trip. You’ll travel to an overlook called Engagement Point which has sweeping views of the valley below and glimpses of stunning Canyon walls in the distance. You’ll also explore a historic cabin known as Pa’s Pocket. The tour is about an hour and a half in length.

Guests can drive an ATV (you must be 16 or older and have a valid driver’s license) or ride as a passenger in a ranger/UTV. The Rangers seat 4-5 guests plus a guide. 2021 prices are $99 per driver and $63 per rider. If interested, you can sign up once you arrive at the Bar 10 Ranch. Advance reservations are not required. Credit cards are accepted.

Insider tip: If you plan on adding on the ATV tour, we recommend bringing sunglasses and a bandana to cover your nose and mouth as this off-road adventure can get quite dusty!

It was such a great way to relax and unwind… Experiencing the enormity of the canyon from the bottom was so much more intimate than viewing it from the rim. The staff made sure everyone was comfortable and having a good time, and the food was excellent. . . The evening entertainment at the ranch was also a lot of fun. 🙂” – Irene, Hoover, AL


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