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3 Day Trip Details

Group at Bar 10 RanchThe 3 Day Escape trip is a unique way to fit lots of adventure into a weekend getaway at the Grand Canyon. You can read about the logistics on our itinerary page, but here are a few things you might not know.

A Trip Host will travel with you from the meeting point in Las Vegas until you return. They will be there to answer questions along the way and to introduce you to interesting people who call the Grand Canyon home. 

The Heaton family has been raising cattle at the Bar 10 Ranch on the remote Arizona Strip for five generations. In the 1980s, they realized an opportunity to combine a ranch experience with a whitewater adventure and built an Old West lodge with modern amenities to accommodate overnight guests.

Today the Ranch is still owned and operated by the Heaton family. They host around 12,000 visitors annually. This sounds like a lot until you compare it to the over 6 million people who visit the Grand Canyon at the South Rim Village every year. You’ll fall in love with the Bar 10 Ranch, the genuine hospitality of the staff, and see why they boast “the canyon without the crowds.”

Down on the river, you’ll meet more Grand Canyon characters – your ARR river guides! They will show you some of their favorite, tucked-away places along the Colorado. In between exciting rapids, their unique personalities emerge as they share tales of previous canyon dwellers and river runners. 

Whether you come alone or with the desire to spend quality time with your friends and family, don’t miss the chance to connect with others on your trip. People from all over the world are drawn to the Grand Canyon. Numerous guests tell us that meeting new friends was one of the unexpected joys of the trip. 

The crew at the Bar 10 is nothing short of amazing. The part we enjoyed about it most was that we truly did get to know each and every one of the crew there.  They all love their jobs, and it shows. We were truly blown away by them. I can say that all the other guests felt the same. And the same goes for our river portion of the trip. The boat crew was awesome.  Very genuine. So good to get to spend some time with such a quality group of boatmen. We initially thought that such a short trip may not be worth all the logistics to make it happen.  But, it felt like we were there for plenty of time to totally relax and hang out with everyone.  Very worthwhile and didn’t feel rushed at all. Everything was just great.” – Sam, age 45, Meadview, AZ

We had a great, great group of people ages 14-70s and the guides were knowledgeable, friendly, fun, fun, fun. I always tell people about the river rafting trips in the Grand Canyon explaining that it is one of the best trips you can ever take.” – Tazzy52, TripAdvisor review

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