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Our Story

Arizona River Runners followed in the footsteps of pioneer river runners who, as early as the 1930s, forged down the Colorado River with nothing more than an adventurous disposition, heavy wooden boats, and a passion to share the adventure with people from all walks of life. Those humble beginnings saw the birth of the modern adventure vacation, making whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon accessible to anyone with the desire and a willing spirit.

It All Started in 1970

Arizona River Runners began offering Grand Canyon rafting to customers looking for adventurous Colorado River trips in 1970. Founder, Fred Burke, set out on a simple mission: to provide the willing with the opportunity to venture the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. Bruce Winter (left) and Bill Gloeckler (right), two early expedition guides, both saw the wild adventures of the Grand Canyon as a way to make a living and be a part of a growing industry. These intrepid outdoorsmen soon found the desire to own ARR, so in 1985 they approached Fred and bought the company from him.

Bill And Bruce

Bruce and Bill have proven that hard work and dedication can become the benchmark of success. They have passed along that standard of excellence to their professional staff and that is why Arizona River Runners has earned a reputation as one of the most respected outfitters on the Colorado River today. Arizona River Runners believes that the safety and satisfaction of the passenger is paramount in the success of any expedition. Over the years, ARR has developed a variety of Grand Canyon rafting packages that appeal to families, individuals, and groups.  Our goal is “to provide exceptional rafting trips through the Grand Canyon and make your expedition a memorable experience that will stay with you forever.”

More About What We Do

Arizona River Runners offers multi-day Grand Canyon rafting trips and our river guides allow our customers to gain new perspective on the true spirit of the Canyon and to connect with other like-minded people who appreciate this wilderness. The trips vary from 3 to 15 days. The guides are boatmen, cooks, hiking guides, entertainers, teachers, and protectors of the pristine environment in which they work.

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