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Our Story

Two Companies – Same Great Experience

You may have noticed that Arizona River Runners (ARR) and Grand Canyon Whitewater (GCW) are connected. Well, you’re right! So why do we operate as two different companies? All Grand Canyon rafting outfitters go through a rigorous process to be selected by the National Park Service to provide river trips. Only a limited number of outfitters are issued permits and allowed to operate. Each permit has unique terms, which allows ARR|GCW to offer a wide variety of trip options.

Regardless of which company you book with, you’ll have the same great customer service from start to finish. Our personnel is one and the same, from the office to the warehouse to the guides. The excellent meals and quality equipment are universal. So find the trip and dates that work for you and join us on the river!

ARR|GCW History

Bruce Winter, left, and Bill Gloeckler, right.Arizona River Runners began offering Grand Canyon rafting to guests looking for adventurous Colorado River trips in 1970. Founder, Fred Burke, set out on a simple mission: to provide the willing with the opportunity to venture into the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. Bruce Winter and Bill Gloeckler, two early river guides, both saw the wild beauty of the Grand Canyon as something that should be shared with others and they wanted to become part of the growing industry. These intrepid outdoorsmen approached Fred and bought the company from him in 1986.

In 2010, with one rafting company operating smoothly, Bill and Bruce expanded their presence in the Grand Canyon and teamed up with Scott Seyler to become the owners of Grand Canyon Whitewater.

Bill and Bruce have been involved in daily operations for decades and have proven that hard work and dedication can become the benchmark of success. They have passed along that standard of excellence to their professional staff, and that is why ARR|GCW has earned a reputation as one of the most respected outfitters on the Colorado River today.

Why We Do What We Do

It’s all about you! Our goal is to provide exceptional rafting trips through the Grand Canyon and make your expedition something that will stay with you forever. These trips give you a chance to experience the true spirit of the canyon, gain a new perspective on life, and connect with other like-minded people who appreciate this unique outdoor environment. Spending time in the canyon gives you the chance to be a kid again, to laugh and appreciate the small things in life, in a very Grand place.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to the Grand Canyon’s hidden beauty, accessible only by rafting the Colorado River. Check out our how to choose page or call us at 800.477.7238 to book your trip of a lifetime.

No question too small!

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