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3 Day Video Itinerary

Our 3 Day Escape trip is a great choice for people looking for a short, but exciting Grand Canyon adventure. This all-inclusive vacation package includes ranch activities, meals, lodging, camping equipment, transportation, and of course, rafting. Too much fun to list it all – check out the video to see the trip in action!

“We are spreading the word for ARR! It is hard to put into words what we experienced! … Our memories will last forever! Loved how there were so many activities to enjoy! Lots of laughter and new friendships were made! Thank you!” – Donna, age 28

Day One At Bar 10 Ranch

Horseback riding at the Bar 10 RanchMeet your trip host at the starting location (either Las Vegas or South Rim Grand Canyon). You’ll check-in for the 40-minute charter flight to Bar 10 Ranch, a working cattle ranch on the remote Arizona Strip. Land in time for lunch and spend your afternoon enjoying a variety of activities. Evening begins with a hearty Dutch oven dinner, followed by a country-western show performed by Bar 10 staff. Settle in for the night in one of their accommodation options. The secluded location of the Bar 10 Ranch only sees about 12,000 visitors annually, much less than the 6 million who visit the Grand Canyon’s South Rim Village. You’ll fall in love with the picturesque Bar 10 Ranch, the genuine hospitality of their staff, and see why they can truly boast “the canyon without the crowds!”

Day Two On The River

Boat in Grand Canyon rapid.The next morning you’ll have an early breakfast before heading down to the river. You’ll take a scenic and exhilarating 7-minute helicopter ride over an ancient lava flow before descending into the canyon. Meet your river guides, repack your gear into the provided dry bags, and have orientation before starting your river adventure. Your day will consist of running rapids, a lunch stop, and admiring the beauty of the canyon. In the late afternoon, you will pull into camp for a relaxing evening by the river. Once the rafts are unloaded by the group “duffel line,” you can find your camp spot for the night. The guides hustle to set up the kitchen and an important part of camp, the scenic bathroom area. While you wait for dinner, enjoy sitting by the river and relaxing or wander over to the kitchen for appetizers. Camp chairs are set up near the kitchen area, so guests can chat and watch the river chefs do their magic. Soon a fresh and delicious riverside meal will be ready for your dining pleasure! As the day winds down, you can sit and watch a beautiful sunset, reflect on the day, or join in a conversation with other passengers. At the end of the evening, head to your campsite for a restful sleep under a canopy of brilliant stars.

The Final Day

Kids at a waterfall in the Grand Canyon.

As the sun peeks over the canyon walls, you’ll hear a guide call “Coffee!” That’s your cue to head to the kitchen and grab a cup of joe so you can start getting ready for the day. A short while later, guides will call you to breakfast. After breakfast, quickly finish packing up your campsite and personal gear and bring your bags to the rafts. Once the guides have packed up the kitchen, everyone helps reload all the gear. Then you are off for another day of adventure on the mighty Colorado River! By midday, you’ll finish running the last rapids of the Grand Canyon. You’ll unpack out of the dry bags and transfer to a jet boat to cruise across the remaining flatwater portion of the river. This scenic jet boat ride out of the canyon to Pearce Ferry takes about one hour. A shuttle bus will be waiting to transport you up a short unpaved road to an air-conditioned charter bus that will return you to your starting location (Las Vegas or South Rim Grand Canyon).  

Keep in mind, there is no exact itinerary. Many factors go into the decisions about activities and where to stop for side hikes and camp. Other groups, guest abilities, extreme conditions, and inclement weather can greatly impact what this trip looks like.


“The highlight was the whole trip. The helicopter ride, to the first and last rapids, the camping out beneath the stars, I am speechless. This is one of the best trips I had ever been on.” – Sydney, Placentia, CA


“This was a Father/Son graduation trip. My Son had a terrific time as did I. The entire journey from the ATVs at the ranch and the incredible stars at night to the awe-inspiring grandeur of the canyon itself. This was a great trip, very well managed and organized. I can’t recommend it enough!!” – David, Crest Hill, IL

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