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On The River

Rapids and Side Hikes

Motor boat in Grand Canyon rapidOf course, everyone is excited about rafting the rapids in the Grand Canyon! And for good reason – they are a blast! There are long stretches of calm water in between rapids to take in the incredible scenery and hear your guides as they point out unique geological features, flora and fauna, and share tales of previous canyon dwellers and river runners.

You’ll travel roughly 50 miles by raft and 40 miles by jet boat during your trip which provides opportunities to explore unique places deep within the canyon. These “side hikes” often become some of the most memorable experiences of your trip. All side hikes are optional, so if the trail is too challenging, you can turn around to hang out by the river instead.

The side hikes are not very far from the river, approximately less than ¼ mile round-trip. However, it’s not the distance that makes it challenging – it’s the terrain. Most “trails” are on rock slabs, so be prepared for slippery surfaces.

Each trip, we do our best to stop at a waterfall that is tucked back in a slot canyon just off the river. Getting to the waterfall does require some scrambling. There are wooden planks and ropes to assist you along the way, but the rocks and boards can be very slippery. Good footwear is important. Having a strap or small backpack to carry your camera so you can keep your hands free is also super helpful. This is a great spot for a photo op!

Camping on the River

After a day on the water, we’ll pull over to make dinner and set up camp for the night. You’ll help unload the kitchen and camping gear from the rafts. Camping gear includes cots, sleeping bags, sheets and pillows for each person. Two-person tents and ground tarps are also provided, sharing is not required. Due to the arid environment, flying insects are not a big problem. Many people take advantage of the rare opportunity to sleep in the open air and enjoy the starry sky.

You are responsible for navigating sandy/rocky beaches while carrying your personal bags and camping gear to your own camp spot. Never set up a cot before? Don’t worry – your Trip Host will demonstrate how all of the provided camping gear works.

Greatest trip ever! Nothing like sleeping under the stars in the middle of the Grand Canyon!!! Arizona River Runners are incredibly accommodating and they really know their business. This was the 2nd time in 10 years on the same trip. There may be a 3rd…..” Peter, Brockton, MA

Of course the fun of running the rapids and the awesome beauty of the Canyon were highlights. But the logistics of the trip from the hotel pick up, the charter plane and helicopter, the Bar 10 accommodations, and the jet boat ride for the last several miles and the comfortable transfer back to Las Vegas were first class and made us feel well taken care of.” Mary, Plymouth, MN

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