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The most useful way for us to improve our river trips is through passenger reviews. At the end of each trip, we as our passengers to fill out a short survey and review us on TripAdvisor. We study these reviews and make mid-season changes on-the-fly or plan for larger changes at the start of the next river season.

They were mentors and guardian angels while delegating duties and explaining risks. They watched for those who needed assistance most, but challenged us to try new things. Very respectful to everyone. They also brought an exhilarating sense of the environment around us. It was obvious they loved their job, had a keen sense of love and respect for the river and canyon that was contagious! And they worked fabulously as a team. We had the dream team 🙂 So impressed with their patience, kindness, and seemingly laid back attitude. But! It was all business when it came to safety! As it should be— Angela

This trip was truly the trip of a lifetime for me and my family. Not only did I get to share amazing adventures with my parents and siblings, but I made lasting friendships with fellow river rats as well. I also can’t forget to mention that my boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me at the overlook at Deer Creek! Our trip leader […] gave him the location suggestion and it was so incredibly special and beautiful. I will be telling that story to my grandkids someday! THANK YOU for the life changing experience Arizona River Runners! — Lauren

The guides were fastidious in picking up our own trash, as well as any seen on the river. They also made it clear their passion for preserving the beauty of the canyon, and that attitude was infectious. — Nicholas

Our guides were amazing! So great to see women leaders. I always felt safe in their hands […] They interacted so well with the guests. Always smiling, never complaining about how hard they worked. […] One of the best trips I’ve been on ever. Loved hearing about the geology and the hikes were amazing.— Anne

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