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What to Expect


In the early morning you hear one of the crew calling “Coffee!” As you open your eyes to the beauty of the canyon, you smile as you remember where you are. You can head down to the kitchen for a hot cup of Cowboy coffee or tea. While your guides are cooking up a delicious breakfast you will have time to get your camp site packed. Once you are all packed, you’ll drop your gear on the beach near the rafts and head over to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast served by our multi-talented guides.

After breakfast, reload the boats with all the gear. Everyone helps by forming a “duffel line” and help to load the rafts. Then you are off for a day of adventure on the mighty Colorado River! Rain gear will likely be a good idea for early morning rafting while the river is still in the shade.

On the River

As you start down the river the serenity and beauty of the canyon captures you. The excitement builds as you anticipate running the first rapid of the day. Your day consists of running rapids and stopping for breaks and lunch. Lunch is usually a deli sandwich buffet spread. After a relaxing lunch and some great conversation with your fellow rafters, it’s time to get back on the river.

The afternoon is filled with more rapids and spectacular scenery as you travel down the river. You may take a hike, or sometimes two, as there are many beautiful places to enjoy in the canyon. Hikes may be to a variety of different destinations: a beautiful vista, a stream or waterfall, an archeological site, or a sandy dune to toss a frisbee and enjoy some leisure time.

At Camp

In the late afternoon you pull into camp for a great evening by the river. The rafts are unloaded by the group “duffel line”. Then you find your perfect camp spot for the night. You can set up a tent or sleep in the open air; camping gear is provided.

As dusk approaches the guides hustle to set up the kitchen and an important part of camp, the scenic bathroom area. Once your campsite is set up, you can sit by the river and relax or wander over to the kitchen for appetizers. Camp chairs are set near the kitchen area, so guests can chat and watch the river chefs do their magic. Soon a fresh and delicious river-cooked meal is ready for your dining pleasure!

As the day winds down you can sit and watch a beautiful sunset, reflecting on the day, or you can join in a conversation with other passengers. At the end of the evening, you head to your campsite for a restful sleep under a canopy of brilliant stars. Soon morning sounds will wake you and you will be ready for another day of canyon adventure.