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A Typical Day

Group smiling doing dishes


As the sun peeks over the canyon walls, you’ll hear a guide call “Coffee!” That’s your cue to head to the kitchen and grab a cup of joe and get ready for the day. A short while later, guides will call you to breakfast. Breakfast menus include traditional favorites such as made-to-order omelets, pancakes, French toast, sausage, and bacon. After breakfast, quickly finish packing up your campsite and personal gear and bring your bags to the rafts.

Once the guides have packed up the kitchen, everyone helps reload all the gear. Then you are off for a day of adventure on the mighty Colorado River!

Motor boat in a rapid

On the River

As you start down the river, the serenity and beauty of the canyon capture you and the excitement builds as you anticipate running the first rapid of the day. Rain gear is a good idea for early morning rafting. Your day consists of running rapids, listening to canyon interpretation from your guides, and stopping for exploration of side canyons. Each guide has unique stories to tell about the canyon so make sure to switch rafts during your trip. Lunch is typically a quality deli spread. After lunch, the afternoon is filled with more rapids and spectacular scenery. You may take a hike, or sometimes two, as there are many incredible places to enjoy in the canyon. Hikes are to a variety of destinations: a beautiful vista, a stream or waterfall, an archaeological site, or a sandy beach to toss a Frisbee and enjoy some leisure time.

Guests helping unload the rafts

At Camp

In the late afternoon, you pull into camp and the rafts are unloaded by the group “duffel line”. Then you find your camp spot for the night – all camping gear is provided. You can set up a tent or sleep in the open air. The guides hustle to set up the kitchen and an important part of camp, the scenic bathroom area. Once your campsite is set up, enjoy sitting by the river or wander over to the kitchen for appetizers. Camp chairs are set near the kitchen area, so guests can chat and watch the river guides do their magic. Soon a fresh and delicious riverside meal will be ready for your dining pleasure! Dinner menus include hearty options such as grilled chicken, steak, and fajitas with fresh salads, side dishes and desserts.

As the day winds down, sit and watch a beautiful sunset, reflect on the day, or join in a conversation with other guests. At the end of the evening, head to your campsite for a restful sleep under a canopy of brilliant stars.

Please note: There is no exact itinerary of all the side hikes and camps that you’ll visit. Know that things are always changing. Many factors go into the guides’ decisions and can greatly impact what a normal day looks like including other groups, guest abilities, extreme conditions, and inclement weather.

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