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Rafting the Grand Canyon has been our passion since 1970. River guides are trained to protect and steward the wilderness environment and we aim to keep it as it is for future generations. River trips in the Grand Canyon haven’t changed much over the years, but with experience, a little ingenuity, and the help of our customer reviews, we’ve tried to make this expedition a reality for anyone with an adventurous spirit and a desire to see the Grand Canyon at its best.

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Grand Canyon River Expedition

Grand Canyon river trips are much more than a tour. These multi-day expeditions can have an empowering effect as passengers travel along the river through world famous whitewater and hike to unimaginable places. Completely unplugged from the distractions above the rim, our guests find it easy to spend quality time with family members, new and old friends. Each day is capped with a hearty meal and camping under a canopy of stars. Explore our trip types and find a Grand Canyon itinerary that best fits your group.

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