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Bar 10 Ranch


Bar 10 Ranch signBar 10 Ranch – Where the West Stays Wild!
Step back in time and experience ranch life. All activities are included in the trip cost except the ATV tour.

Horseback Riding

Take a leisurely trail ride on one of the Bar 10’s well-trained horses. Ride a horse across the remote landscape with stunning views or to the original homestead. No experience necessary; these rides are geared towards beginners.

Ranch Homestead

Leave modern technology behind and see what life was like at the Heaton family’s former home site on the remote Arizona Strip. Explore the old homestead and hear about the unique history of the area and the Bar 10 Ranch. You’ll be regaled with tales from a time when this was the lawless Wild West and learn what life is like when civilization is over 80 miles away.

Skeet Shooting

Try your hand at skeet shooting. A staff member will show you how it all works, then hold the shotgun and take aim. Hopefully, you’ll watch the skeet shatter as it flies through the air! Give it a shot!

ATV Tour

You have the option to sign up for an ATV tour for an additional cost once you arrive at the ranch. You’ll travel through secluded wilderness on rocky dirt roads to a scenic view of the valley with the Grand Canyon as a backdrop. After checking in at the ranch, you’ll receive details on how to sign up. The Bar 10 offers quads for those with a driver’s license and rangers for others to ride in.

If you plan on adding on the ATV tour, we recommend bringing sunglasses and a bandana to cover your nose and mouth as this off-road adventure can get quite dusty!

Other Activities

There are plenty of options at the Bar 10! Take a hike on the nature trail, learn how to swing a lasso, play billiards, tetherball or pickleball. We encourage guests to participate in activities with the group, but you may choose to just relax and enjoy the views. This is your vacation!

Evening Entertainment

After a delicious homemade ranch-style dinner, sit down and enjoy a country-western show put on by the Bar 10 staff. They will have you clapping along and stompin’ your feet in no time!


Conestoga Wagons

These iconic covered wagons are a memorable place to spend the night. Wagons sleep 2 people comfortably and have limited availability. If you prefer a wagon, place your request with ARR at least 30 days prior to your trip.

Outdoor Deck Under the Stars

Sleep like the ranchers do – outside! Take advantage of the Grand Canyon’s comfortable camping environment and sleep outside on the lodge’s spacious upper deck. The ranch will provide cots or mats, sleeping bags, sheets, and pillows. The remote location of the ranch has limited light pollution which makes for incredible views of the star-filled sky.

Inside the Lodge

Enjoy sleeping in a lodge reminiscent of the Old West. The 5 bunk rooms are set up dormitory-style with two sets of bunk beds each. All bedding is provided. These rooms can sleep between 4-6 guests to accommodate families.

When you check-in at the ranch, Bar 10 staff will review your lodging options and let you know where to settle in. They do their best to accommodate preferences, but we ask for your flexibility if your first choice isn’t available.

Regardless of where you sleep, you are at the Grand Canyon and can’t go wrong!

“The crew at the Bar 10 is nothing short of amazing. The part we enjoyed about it most was that we truly did get to know each and every one of the crew there.  They all love their jobs, and it shows. We were truly blown away by them. I can say that all the other guests felt the same. And the same goes for our river portion of the trip. The boat crew was awesome.  Very genuine. So good to get to spend some time with such a quality group of boatmen. We initially thought that such a short trip may not be worth all the logistics to make it happen.  But, it felt like we were there for plenty of time to totally relax and hang out with everyone.  Very worthwhile and didn’t feel rushed at all. Everything was just great.” – Sam, Meadview, AZ


Honestly, this was the trip of a lifetime…The view of the Grand Canyon is even more amazing from the river seeing the walls of the canyon reach far up into the sky. There is nothing like it. The ranch that we stayed at is absolutely beautiful and we slept out on the roof patio in cots under a starlit sky. The next morning we took a 6 minute helicopter ride from the ranch down into the canyon. The guides taught us how to load our dry bags (where you put all of your belongings to keep them dry) and then we were off river rafting. An incredible experience and very peaceful during the calm and quiet times between rapids. We saw petroglyphs and a hidden waterfall and spent the night in the canyon right next to the Colorado River. The food was really good and included 3 meals a day plus snacks to eat while you’re on the boat. My friends and I are planning a longer trip this year because yes, it was THAT awesome!!!” – TripAdvisor review from Daniel C.

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