Number Two With A View

By Marie • October 8, 2018

One of the top questions we get about our Colorado River Trips is, “What is the deal with the bathroom?” We’ve fielded this question many times, so we thought we would share some tips to help put your mind at ease.

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Number one – on and off the boat

Due to the arid climate, all urine must go directly into the river. When we’re pulled over, that means squatting/standing near the river’s edge or wading in.

If you happen to be on a motor rig while it’s moving, you can go to the motor well at the rear of the raft. It’s hard to explain, but this part of the raft is significantly lower than the rest of the boat, so it will provide a greater amount of privacy. For the ladies, there are a couple places to hold on while squatting. Your guides will give you additional tips once you’re on the river. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can always ask for a pit stop. Odds are if you have to go, others do too.

At night, we provide handy pee buckets so you don’t have to find your way to the river in the dark. In the morning, dump your pee buckets directly into the river. The guides will show you how to sanitize them after use.

Remember, you never want to quit drinking water to avoid peeing. If your pee is near clear, you’re doing well. If the color is dark yellow, you need to catch up with your hydration.

2. Number two

The toilet system will be the first thing set up each night and the last thing taken down in the morning. It is set up somewhere secluded and usually with a spectacular view. Additional toilet paper and a small trash can are within arm’s reach.

Basically, the toilet is just like any other toilet only it doesn’t flush. It is often referred to as “the groover” and is a metal vault with a toilet seat. The vault is replaced by a fresh one every day (or every other day on an oar trip).

Attempt to get on a schedule of going number two in the mornings and the evenings. If you do need to go during the middle of the day, no worries, we’ve got a solution for you. Don’t be shy to ask for it if you need it. You can either talk with a guide when the rafts are pulled over or ask for a pit stop.

river toilet

3. Hand washing

Because we’re like a big, close family throughout the river trip, keeping clean is an important factor in staying healthy. We’ll set up a hand wash system that pumps water from one bucket to the next so you can wash your hands before and after using the toilet and before eating.

For additional tips for the ladies, please check out our feminine hygiene blog.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office.