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BYOB: Alcohol on a River Trip

By Marie • January 24, 2020

Of course many of us appreciate an adult beverage or two while on vacation. We don’t expect this trip will be any different. You should know, Arizona River Runners (ARR) does not provide, nor do we sell any alcohol on the trip. So here are a few tips on how to stock up on alcohol before your river trip.

What Arizona River Runners provides:

  • Drinking water
  • A variety of soda and sparkling water
  • Lemonade mix
  • Electrolyte replenishment drinks i.e. Gatorade powder, Sqwincher packets
  • A block of ice and an ice pick to use for cocktails
  • Coffee and various tea packets
  • Our ARR mugs, provided at the beginning of the trip, work great for your evening beverage and your morning coffee

    General tips to consider:

  • Beer should be in cans, not glass. Do not bring aluminum cans with screw top. Sand gets under the lid and makes them very difficult to open.
  • Wine should be boxed.
  • Liquor in glass bottles can be accommodated, but plastic is preferred.
  • You can also pour your wine or liquor into a stainless steel bottle like a Hydroflask or Yeti.
  • ARR doesn’t limit what you can bring, but some transportation options have weight restrictions. Find your trip type below for details.
  • We do not provide tonic water or other specialty mixers, but you are welcome to use the sodas or lemonade to make a mixed drink.
  • If you are the type of person who needs a certain kind of soda, you’ll probably want to bring your own and label it. We never know which beverages will be popular on a given trip.
  • We keep the beer cool by dragging it in the water, so labels won’t stick. This means that beer is on your honor. Meaning, you should only drink what you bring.

    Convenient Vendors:

    Las Vegas Liquor World
    195 E Tropicana Avenue
    Within walking distance of the Desert Rose Resort and has a selection of wine, beer, liquor, and mixers.

    Chevron Convenience Store in Marble Canyon
    Hwy 89A
    Located just west of the Marble Canyon Lodge complex
    They have beer, wine, and non-alcoholic mixers (e.g. tonic water). They do not sell liquor.

    Trip Types:

    Because the best way to transport beverages varies depending on your trip type and transportation option, please read carefully or give us a call and we’ll help you out.

    3 Day Escape Trips

    Las Vegas Trips: You’ll need to purchase alcohol in Las Vegas before we pick you up for your trip.
    Grand Canyon South Rim Trips: We recommend purchasing alcohol before arriving. The Canyon Village Market and Tusayan General Store do sell alcohol, but canned beer and boxed wine options are limited.

    Please note: The Bar 10 Ranch does not have alcohol. They do provide a cooler where you can chill it when you arrive. There is a 25-pound luggage limit (including beverages) on the charter flight, but there are no specific liquid restrictions. For groups, it sometimes works to split your beers among your bags so no one has more than 25 pounds. If you go over the weight limit, the airline may charge an excess baggage fee.

    6 and 7 Day Motor Trips

    Marble Canyon transportation option: Plan ahead if you want liquor since it isn’t sold in Marble Canyon. Since you’ll be meeting us in Marble Canyon, please bring your river duffel, including your beverages, to the orientation meeting so you can load it in our vehicles when we transport you to our rafts.

    Las Vegas transportation option: If you prefer liquor, you’ll need to purchase it in Las Vegas the day before we pick you up. There is a 25-pound luggage limit (including beverages) on the charter flight, but there are no specific liquid restrictions. We recommend purchasing beer, wine, and mixers (i.e. tonic water) in Marble Canyon after the orientation meeting on the first day of your trip so you don’t have the extra weight on the flight.

    8 Day Motor Trips

    Since you’ll be taking a bus to Marble Canyon, there are no luggage weight restrictions. It speeds things up on the first day if you purchase your alcohol in Las Vegas the day before we pick you up, but you’ll also have a chance to buy beer and wine (no liquor) in Marble Canyon if needed.

    Oar Trips and Hikers’ Special Trips

    For all of our oar powered and hiking trips, we will provide a link to an alcohol order form in your information packet. Once you submit your order, our alcohol distribution partner will deliver your goods to our warehouse and they will be waiting for you once you reach the boats.