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Coffee and Tea on the River

By Krystal • March 19, 2023

Many of us have coffee or tea as part of our morning routine. Don’t worry – we’ve got the basics covered. Waking up to the smell of coffee on a river trip is one of our favorite things!


Your days on the river start with the morning wake-up call of “coffeeeee!” The guides make the coffee using the “reverse french press” method: boil the water, pour the grounds in and let it steep. Then pour the coffee through a strainer into a serving container. We proudly get our shade-grown, fair-trade coffee from local Flagstaff roaster, Toucanet.

We’ll provide coffee creamer, plus a variety of “coffee condiments” like sugar, sweeteners, honey and evaporated milk. Instant decaf is also available.

Please keep in mind that exact flavors and brands may vary slightly from trip to trip. We do our best to provide an array of popular items but cannot guarantee the flavor of creamer or that there will be a specific “coffee condiment.” On longer trips, some items may run out towards the end. If you have a strong preference for your coffee additives, we recommend bringing some of your own just in case.

Tea / Other Beverages

Breakfast optionsWe also have hot water available for guests who prefer tea or hot chocolate. We bring hot chocolate packets and an assortment of tea bags like green tea, chamomile, English breakfast, etc. We try to bring several types of tea, but never know what will be popular, so if you prefer a certain kind you may want to bring a few bags with you.

On most mornings we also have cold juice. Crystal Light packets and electrolyte-replacement powders are available as well.


For water, guests bring their own Nalgene bottle or similar. For other beverages, ARR provides a new Klean Kanteen mug that is yours to keep. Using reusable mugs throughout the trip (and after!) helps to reduce waste from single use cups and keep in line with “Leave No Trace” principles that help protect our outdoor spaces.

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