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What is the Food Like on a River Trip?

By Krystal • August 9, 2023

Guests are usually pretty impressed by what our guides are able to cook in the backcountry – if you are expecting rehydrated backpacking food you are in for a real treat. Thanks to our ability to carry ice, we are able to bring along fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and even desserts! Here are some of our typical menu items:


Start your day with some hearty backcountry food. Breakfasts can include things like blueberry pancakes, eggs to order with sausage and English muffins, French toast and sizzling bacon with a side of fresh fruit or build your own omelet.


Take a break from running rapids and make a sandwich or two. We set out a variety of fresh vegetables, as well as quality deli meat and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly are also available and there will be sweet and salty snacks on the side.


A guest favorite! Picture sizzling chicken fajitas with all the fixings, or made from scratch lasagna and French bread, salmon with veggies and rice, or even steak and potatoes with a side salad. Be sure to end your riverside meal with some mouthwatering dessert!


We bring a variety of on-river snacks, including fruit (usually apples and oranges), granola bars, candy bars, cookies, chips, and trail mix. We’ve got plenty of food!


We provide a mix of diet and regular soda, sparkling water, electrolyte mix, assorted tea bags, coffee in the morning, and unlimited water. If you prefer to drink a specific brand of soda, you may want to bring an additional supply as some choices run out. We do not supply alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Dietary Restrictions

We spend a lot of time planning meals that will suit the majority of guests. ARR is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions for medical or ethical reasons. It is important that you list your dietary restriction on your registration form and we will reach out with more information. We prefer to have this information well in advance of your trip, so we can learn more about your diet restrictions and prepare. We will do our best to supply options that will work for you, but please keep in mind there is likely to be some redundancy in what is offered. You may want to bring some of your own food to supplement what is provided.

Some dietary restrictions we accommodate include: vegetarian, gluten intolerance/celiac disease, as well as peanut and other food allergies. If you have any questions about your specific dietary requirements, please contact our office.

Check out a cool video on what we do with any leftover food after your river trip. (Spoiler – we donate it to a local shelter!)

We’ve had rave reviews about our food over the years, but it is important to have the right expectations. A river trip is adventurous & exciting, but not luxury & gourmet.

No question too small!

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