Using a Female Urination Device on the River

By Krystal • November 19, 2019

We are always looking for ways to make going to the bathroom in a wilderness setting a bit easier. It can be intimidating to pee into the river. Don’t worry though, everyone on your trip is in the same boat and it really isn’t a big deal!

Some past guests have recommended a gizmo that just might be a game-changer – a female urination device. It is a plastic device that allows women to pee standing up and without having to undress. These ladies raved about using them on the river and we wanted to share their advice.

Some helpful tips:

  • Practice! Don’t try using it for the first time on the river. Be sure to try using it at home in the shower a few times first. Then practice using it wearing the clothes you’ll have on the trip. There is a bit of a learning curve and placement is important.
  • Don’t wait until you really have to go. The device might overflow before it can drain and holding it too long is uncomfortable. If you are on the rafts and have to pee, let the guides know. If you have to go, chances are someone else does too.
  • Relax. If you make a mistake, the river is there to wash it away.
  • My recommendation for a female urination device is the pStyle. Other alternatives include the SheWee, GoGirl, and Sani-Fem Freshette.

    Another helpful option for peeing in the backcountry is a pee rag, such as P* Off Cloths or Kula Cloth. The idea is to help promote Leave No Trace principles by using less toilet paper in the wilderness and using a bandana or rag to wipe instead when going pee. It might sound a bit strange but is pretty common with backpackers and avid hikers. Just wash it at the end of the day in the river with biodegradable soap and hang to dry. For those of you who hate to drip dry, this is a good option.

    Neither of these devices are at all necessary; they are just options that might make going #1 in the backcountry a little more comfortable. Check them out to see if they might work for you. Our feminine hygiene blog also contains information to help you prepare and ease some of that pre-trip anxiety.

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