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River Code of Conduct

By RaftArizona • March 5, 2024

Arizona River Runners is dedicated to (1) providing a safety-focused, interpretive, multi-day Grand Canyon whitewater adventure, (2) delivering a memorable and approachable river experience to the public, (3) protecting the natural resource through education, and (4) creating a respectful and inclusive environment for guides and guests.

As river expeditions are a shared experience, individual actions affect the whole group. Each person is a valued part of the trip; therefore, all guides and guests agree to the following Code of Conduct:

Respect for Yourself

  • Take care of yourself. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Stay hydrated and well-nourished.
  • Buckle up. Keep your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) buckled at all times while on the raft.
  • Know your limits. Be realistic about your abilities. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility.

  • Respect for Others

  • Treat others with kindness. Be inclusive and respectful. Refrain from obscene and offensive language. Harassment, hazing, or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Follow guide instructions, and be sure your children do as well.
  • Be willing to compromise. We all have different expectations about what we want to get out of our vacation. For example, some like to stay up late while others prefer early mornings, so respect quiet times. If you smoke, be sure to do so downwind and well away from non-smokers.
  • Be responsible. Consuming alcohol in moderation is permissible. No one under the age of 21 is allowed to consume alcohol. Illicit drug use is not permitted.
  • Give space. Give each other privacy during the many private moments on a river adventure, such as changing clothes, bathing, etc.

  • Respect for Grand Canyon

  • Leave No Trace. Dispose of waste properly. Stay on designated trails. Do not remove anything natural or historic from the canyon.
  • Respect wildlife. We are visitors – the Grand Canyon is their home, not ours.
  • Be mindful of cultural heritage. Exercise awareness and respect for tribal customs and beliefs. Many tribes throughout the region have deep spiritual, cultural, and historical connections to the Grand Canyon, and we are honored to travel through a place of such importance.
  • Preserve for future generations. Grand Canyon was designated a World Heritage Site in 1979 due to its diverse geological, biological, and ecological properties.

  • If at any time you believe anyone’s actions are in breach of this agreement, notify one of your guides immediately.

    We sincerely appreciate you doing your part to create an enjoyable Grand Canyon rafting experience for everyone!

    No question too small!

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