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Protect Your Hands and Skin: Essential Tips and Gear for a Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

By RaftArizona • February 12, 2024

Protecting your skin from the elements is crucial when on a journey through the Grand Canyon’s rugged terrain. The intense sun, arid air, and abrasive conditions call for thoughtful preparation, and one item that could make a difference is a pair of light gloves.

While gloves aren’t mandatory, there are several situations during your river trip where they can prove beneficial.

Sun Protection: Shielding yourself from the instense sun is paramount. Opting for sun-protective clothing like a sun shirt, lightweight pants, a wide-brimmed hat, and a sarong can significantly reduce your reliance on sunscreen and the hassle of frequent reapplication. However, areas like your face, the tops of your feet, and your hands remain exposed to the relentless UV rays throughout most of the day. Wearing lightweight sun gloves provides an additional layer of defense against sunburn.

Abrasion Protection: Daily activities on the river, like handling gear during the duffle line, gripping boat straps while in the rapids, scrambling over rocky terrain during hikes, and setting up or dismantling camp, can take a toll on your hands. Gloves offer a barrier against abrasions and blisters, ensuring your hands stay comfortable throughout the trip.

If you have senstive hands, gloves can be convenient addition to your packing list. Opt for fingerless, quick-drying gloves for maximum comfort and functionality. Think about your personal needs when deciding which items to bring (but still follow the packing list!), and remember that a simple pair of gloves could make a world of difference in your comfort and enjoyment.

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