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Motor Trips

Motor boat in rapid.The majority of Arizona River Runners’s trips are on motorized rafts. Why is that? Well, oar trips are about 2 weeks long OR require a strenuous hike into or out of the Grand Canyon. By traveling twice the speed of the current (about 8 mph instead of 4 mph), you are able to enjoy the thrill of the rapids, explore side canyons and waterfalls, and experience highlights of the Grand Canyon in about a week without hiking into or out of the canyon.

All of our motorized trips are run with two 35-foot-long rafts. Each raft holds about 14 guests and 2 crew for a maximum group size of 32 people.¬†One of our experienced guides will drive each raft from the back (or stern). Although noise from the motor is audible, guests find it doesn’t detract from their experience. During orientation, your river guides will point out the features of the raft including how and where to hold on during rapids.

You will have to climb onto and off of the raft several times a day. To board, you’ll step onto a small strap roughly 2 feet high and pull yourself onto the raft. From here some guests feel comfortable walking alongside the side pontoon. If this doesn’t work for you, sit down on the padded seats and slide down for other guests to board.

On the raft, you’ll be sitting on padded seats along each side of the raft facing out to the canyon walls. Your feet will be slightly up on the side pontoons with a duffel pile in the middle of the raft to lean against, so feel free to lay back and take in the breathtaking view while on the flatwater sections. If you choose to sit at the front you’ll be right in the action or move towards the back to warm up and dry off. We encourage you to rotate seat positions and take turns up front. We also highly recommend switching rafts throughout the trip so you can experience the guides’ different interpretative styles and personalities.

Each guest is issued a small, waterproof day bag to store personal items they’ll need throughout the day. These will simply clip to the straps next to you on the boat.¬†Bring a carabiner with you to easily clip your water bottle to the boat. For soda and beer, mesh drag bags are provided and we’ll drag these beverages in the water alongside of the raft. Since the river is always about 50 degrees F, it helps keep beverages cool. A variety of sweet and salty snacks, fresh fruit, water, and electrolyte mix will be available on the rafts at all times.

Like the sound of this trip? You can compare our motor trip types here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, chat us or email us. Get ready to hold on, have fun and enjoy your trip!

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