Grand Canyon Rapids

By RaftArizona • January 22, 2018

Rafting through the Grand Canyon appeals to many people. Some are looking for thrilling whitewater and others want scenic beauty. The Grand Canyon doesn’t disappoint on either account, providing a nice balance between adventure and serenity. There are peaceful floats in between rapids to catch your breath after the excitement of crashing through cold, big waves.

We’re sure you will enjoy what the canyon has to offer regardless of your level of rafting experience. All our trips contain a variety of rapids. Our 3 day motor trip is the mildest option and our oar powered trips are the most adventurous.

Speaking technically, just how are the Grand Canyon rapids rated? Most people are familiar with the international I-VI river classification scale, as nearly every river in the world is rated on this scale. Grand Canyon is one of the only exceptions, using a scale from 1 to 10. Regardless of which scale you use, rapid ratings refer to the level of technical ability needed to get through with 1 being the easiest.

A rapid’s rating can change depending on river conditions, but for the most part, the dam regulates the flow of the river and makes things more predictable for us.
Guides often give rapids a different rating in terms of their “fun factor”. Several favorite rapids don’t rate highly on the technical scale but provide big fun! Your job is to hang on and have a blast! The guides are there to show you the way.