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Grand Canyon Rafting is a Fun Family Vacation for All Ages!

By Kate • November 1, 2022

An Arizona River Runners rafting trip is one of the best family vacations out there for those with children and/or teens. For starters, there is no cell phone service, no computer access, televisions, or gaming consoles. Woohoo! You’ll actually be able to chat with your kids without them constantly checking in with their friends via Facebook or zoning out on Fortnite.

Secondly, there aren’t going to be any fights about where to go or what to eat. Once you’ve set off on your rafting adventure from Lees Ferry, you are officially on vacation, and the guides will take care of everything–they’ll decide what hikes to do and what sites to visit, and they’ll cook every meal for you and your family with a set menu in mind. There aren’t many situations that tend to lead to familial arguments to encounter once on the river, which makes this vacation incredibly relaxing and relieves pressure for the whole family.

Also, the Arizona River Runners guides are pretty awesome and have a lot of fun doing what they do, which, in turn, encourages families and teens to enjoy themselves right along with them. You, as the parents, don’t always have to be the host or entertainer—the guides can take care of a lot of that for you, as well! We’ve even put together a handy blog with plenty of great tips for rafting with kids to help you help them be more comfortable on the trip. Happy campers all around!

Other young adults and kids will often be on river trips during the summer months, too. We typically see that (much like the adults) younger guests will come together on a river trip in a unique way and really enjoy each other, despite the personality, age, or interest differences that might have separated them in the “rim world”.

So what are you waiting for?! Find your perfect family adventure here!

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