Fun Things To Do Near The Grand Canyon

By Marie • August 3, 2017

Bike The Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Bicycles has the honor of being the Grand Canyon National Park’s first “in-park” bike rental and guided tour business. Owned and operated by two former Grand Canyon river guides, Wes Neal and Kyle George. Through the rental of bicycles and providing guided tours we have carried on the love and passion for the Grand Canyon which started on the river many years ago. We know all of the people at Arizona River Runners share our passion and we welcome any “river runners” to visit us and go on another adventure with us. Go to our web page or give us a call 928-638-3055 and we’ll set you up on one of our rental bikes sized just for you or reserve you a spot on one of our fun and informative guided tours along the spectacular south rim.

Hike to Havasupai Falls

A hiking trip to Havasu Falls in the bottom of the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable adventure. This remote canyon oasis is best known for the striking cobalt blue waterfalls that attract visitors from around the world, but hiking into Havasupai is about more than just the waterfalls. It is a world apart, a place where the rim-world fades away and visitors settle into the rhythm of the canyon. Hiking to Havasu Falls is strenuous and requires planning and training to ensure the trip is enjoyable. You must be capable of hiking 10 miles over uneven surfaces in a single day and at least 30 miles over the duration of your trip. The permits required to visit are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, so be sure to plan your trip well in advance. Our friends at Arizona Outback Adventures have some great information on how the permit system works – they can even help plan and outfit your trip!

Grand Canyon Hiking Trips

If you’ve ever hiked into or out of Grand Canyon on ARR trip, you may have hiked with Mike Campbell — he’s our South-Rim-based hiking guide. He’s also the owner of Canyonology Treks, a wilderness guiding service that operates exclusively in Grand Canyon National Park. Mike offers a variety of hiking tours, including family-friendly day trips, the popular multi-day rim-to-river route, and more difficult trips that take you off the beaten path. For multi-day trips, plan ahead early: Backcountry trip permits are most easily obtained at least five months out.