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Charging Your Phone or Camera

By Dean • July 6, 2023

The bottom of the Grand Canyon is far away from civilization and electrical outlets, so how do you charge your camera? Portable chargers are small, packable, and work great in this remote setting. There are many styles and brands available. We recommend this Anker charger.

A few things to keep in mind:

– Conserve battery by turning your camera/phone off when you can. We know it can be hard, but resist the urge to look through or edit your photos at the end of the day. Enjoy your time in the canyon and the scenery around you. Photos rarely do the beauty and scale of the canyon justice anyways. 🙂
– If you are using your phone as a camera, be sure it is on airplane mode and/or power-saving mode, so it doesn’t waste precious energy running apps or searching for a non-existent signal or wi-fi connection.
– Solar chargers are not recommended. They lose efficiency in extreme heat and often only deliver a partial charge to your device.
– We do carry a community charger, but it does not have enough power for everyone’s devices. This charger is only for cameras (or phone if you are using that as your camera) and shared with everyone, so it can only charge a few devices each night. There may be over 30 people on the trip, including your guides, so we ask that you use the charger sparingly. To use this charger, you’ll need either a USB or 110V wall plug. Please note that you will not be able to recharge your portable power bank using the community charger.

Want help deciding which camera to bring? Check out our camera blog or give us a call.

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