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15 Day Oar Hiker's Special

2024 Hiker's Special

Cost per person



2025 Hiker's Special

Cost per person



Full Canyon

Our longest river trip. This early season oar-powered adventure gives optimal time to explore and challenge yourself with amazing Grand Canyon hiking. This full canyon trip is for those who want to experience as much of the Grand Canyon as possible. Venture through the Colorado River corridor for 15 days and you’ll be amazed what life can be like without all the distractions of the “rim world.”

Trip Information

15 days, 14 nights

15 Day Oar Hiker's Special Full Canyon
  • Begins

    Flagstaff, AZ
  • Ends

    Flagstaff, AZ
  • River Miles

    225 river miles from Marble Canyon to Diamond Creek
  • Minimum Age

    12 years of age

What's Included?

  • An active adventure – be prepared for the physical nature of the trip
  • Round-trip ground transportation from Flagstaff, AZ
  • 225 miles in oar rafts
  • Experienced river guides
  • Side hikes to scenic vistas, hidden waterfalls, and more
  • Two dry bags and a camp chair
  • A tent, cot, pillow, sleeping bag, and sheet
  • Daily meals prepared in our camp kitchen
  • Snacks, water, electrolyte replenishment drinks, sodas
  • Arizona River Runners insulated cup

Cost listed above does not include:  Lodging before and after your trip, National Park entrance fee, personal travel insurance, and gratuity.

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2025 Trip Dates

Trip Itinerary

Plan to arrive in Flagstaff at least one day before your trip departs. A representative from Arizona River Runners will meet guests early in the morning on the first day of your trip in the lobby of the designated hotel. We will send hotel reservation instructions once you book your trip.
Meet a representative early in the morning at the designated hotel in Flagstaff. Board the shuttle for the scenic 2.5-hour drive to Marble Canyon. Everyone will meet together with the river guides for orientation. Guests repack into the provided dry bags and get underway by mid-morning. Let the journey begin!
Each day there are opportunities to soak up the Grand Canyon vistas, experience the biggest whitewater in North America, and explore various side canyons, waterfalls, and streams. At midday, lunch is prepared on the sandy beaches next to the river. After a full day, it will be time to set up camp and then relax while sharing stories with new friends. As the sun sets over the canyon walls, appreciate a good night’s rest under a starry sky.

These trips are typically split into three different trip options. We will have guests like you raft through the full canyon, whereas others are only signed up for part of the trip. About halfway through, there will be an exchange of guests. Some will hike out of the canyon via the Bright Angel Trail, and others will hike in to meet you on the river. Please expect some downtime on this day while we welcome our new passengers.
Enjoy one final riverside meal amidst the Grand Canyon backdrop. After breakfast, pack up camp, load the rafts, and boat to Diamond Creek. You will ride on a bus for about an hour along a rough dirt road to the main highway in Peach Springs, AZ, where you transfer to an air-conditioned shuttle that will return you to the designated hotel in Flagstaff. Plan to arrive at your final destination mid to late afternoon.

What people say

“Our 15 Day Hikers Oar Trip was remarkable. It was a privilege to travel through deep canyons and deep time with river guides.”
— Erik, Menlo Park, CA

“I lost a piece of my heart after this trip to the Grand Canyon and the friends I made. I find it difficult to describe the trip to others and just how amazing it was. The little things are what I'll remember most: leaning back, looking up at the canyon sleepily after a big lunch being more relaxed than I can ever remember, sleeping under a thousand stars with the silhouette of the canyons in view and with the sounds of the rushing Colorado and chirping insects lulling you to sleep, and listening to river stories throughout the day, trying to imagine how it would have been all those years ago. I've found my thoughts and dreams drifting back to the river and all the memories I'll cherish forever. Thank you for this trip, and please don't change a thing. It couldn't have been more perfect.”
— Heather, Canton OH

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