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Women’s Grand Canyon Rafting Trip in 2025!

By Marie • June 26, 2024

This 7 Day Grand Canyon Rafting trip is an opportunity for like-minded women to come together for a rewarding experience. Deep connections, growth, and appreciation for being oneself are made possible by the expert female guides. Leave the planning to us and enjoy an active adventure in one of the seven wonders of the world!

Immerse yourself in each moment as you experience thrilling whitewater, explore seldom-seen side canyons and waterfalls, and view ancient pictographs. Each day brings new sights and sounds. Be on the lookout for bighorn sheep, great blue herons, red-tailed hawks, and even California condors. Listen for the distinct call of the canyon wren. The beauty of the canyon surrounds you as it changes with every bend in the river.

Our Grand Canyon river trips are a blend of shared experiences and personal freedom. During the day, you can choose to join in the side hikes or take a break to soak in the views. At camp, feel a sense of accomplishment as you work together to unload the rafts and settle in for the evening. Then you can gather in the chair circle to swap stories with new friends or find a quiet spot nearby to enjoy some personal time. The choice is yours, empowering you to create the adventure that suits you best.

This trip is designed for all travelers who identify as women, so invite your mom, daughter, sister, cousin, or friend, or come on your own!

Dates: July 20-26, 2025. Additional trip details can be found on our 7 Day Motor Trip page.


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