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What it Takes to Be a Grand Canyon Warrior

By RaftArizona • May 26, 2016

Senator John McCain: “Thank you Grand Canyon River Runners Association & American Legion – their GC rafting trip for 24 wounded warriors launches this weekend – have fun!”

A Grand Canyon Warrior: “Mentally wise, I think this trip could definitely do some healing. I know it helped me to deal … There was a point on a hike where I just started tearing up because I knew my brothers who aren’t with us anymore would have loved the trip….”

Here at Arizona River Runners, we like to think that all of our trips are uniquely inspirational to all that venture through the great halls of the Grand Canyon. River trips attract folks from all over the world. The kind of people are who explore the depths of the canyon with us are not always your prototypical thrill seeker or grizzly outdoorsman, but a diverse group of young and less-young who all share a common curiosity towards the Colorado River’s Grand Canyon corridor. There are some stories, however, that necessitate a retelling.

This story is about a group of Marines who re-discover what it means to be a squad and a warrior. They set out on a 10-day wilderness trip with Grand Canyon Warriors and Arizona Raft Adventures. Enjoy watching the video about their journey below.

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