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What if I Have a CPAP Machine?

By Krystal • April 7, 2021

Although the bottom of the Grand Canyon is far away from the power grid, there is a way to use your CPAP! If you plan to bring it on the river you will want to prepare well in advance of your trip. Read through the information below and let us know if you have any questions.

What you need to do:

List “CPAP” on your registration form and confirm you need ARR to pack a 12V battery for you or give our office a call at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.
You will need to bring a suitable DC adapter with alligator clips to connect our battery to your CPAP machine. The power adapter cords are specific to your CPAP make and model. Please check with your local provider, the CPAP Shop, or research online to determine which cords you will need.
– If your CPAP has a humidifier, you will need to disable/remove the humidifier for your river trip. Please test your machine at home to make sure it does work without the humidifier. Our batteries do NOT have the power capacity to run humidifiers while in the canyon.
– You may need to carry the battery (about 60 pounds) between the raft and your campsite.
– If you cannot fit your CPAP into your duffel bag, you’ll also need to bring your own dry bag to store it in while on the river.
– Speak with your doctor to discuss a backup plan should your CPAP machine fail or the power supply run out. You will not be able to leave the trip early should your device stop working.
– Please note, your CPAP machine may be exposed to wind, extreme heat, sand, and water while in the canyon.


It is ok if your CPAP puts you over the 25-pound weight limit. However, please note that if you are on one of our trips with a charter flight, the airlines may charge a small excess baggage fee.

If you are thinking of bringing a travel battery on the river, please be aware that it will likely not last for the duration of a weeklong trip and there is no way to charge it on the trip. Additionally, the intense Grand Canyon heat may damage your battery. Your travel battery will also need to meet FAA regulations if you will be flying with it.

Again, please make sure to inform us that you will be bringing a CPAP machine and need us to supply a battery. It is easy for us to accommodate, as long as we know about it ahead of time. Then, just enjoy your whitewater vacation and sleep easy!

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