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What Does the Marble Canyon Chevron Have for My River Trip?

By Krystal • January 10, 2022

NOTE: This blog does not apply to guests on our 3 Day Escape or those starting their trip with a hike into the canyon on day 1.

The Marble Canyon Chevron is a great place to pick up any last-minute items you may have forgotten. They have a limited selection of things like sunscreen, chapstick, hats, neoprene booties, and gloves.

You can also purchase alcohol before heading down to Lees Ferry. As river trip guests are the primary customers, this gas station has a surprisingly decent selection of domestic, craft, and imported beer in cans. They also have boxed wine and mixers. However, they do not sell hard alcohol so you will need to purchase liquor ahead of time. For more information about beverages on the river, check out our BYOB blog.

– If your trip has a flight to Marble Canyon, you will have an opportunity to walk across the street and go to the Chevron.
– If you are taking a bus to Lees Ferry, you may want to make your purchases ahead of time since there are no weight restrictions for alcohol, but we can still make a pit stop at the Chevron if needed. Just let your bus driver know.

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