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What are the differences between the 3 Day Escape and 6 Day Motor trips?

By Krystal • May 23, 2022

Having trouble deciding between our 3 Day Escape and 6 Day Motor trip? You aren’t alone! We are frequently asked about the differences between these two trips and for advice about which one to pick. Let’s dive in.

6 Day Motor

6 Day Motor mapOur 6 Day Motor trip travels 187 river miles from Lees Ferry (Mile 0) to Whitmore Wash (Mile 187). You’ll spend 5 nights camping alongside the river and end with a helicopter ride out of the canyon. This longer trip allows you to see more of the canyon and take side hikes to see waterfalls, scenic vistas, side canyons, and experience bigger whitewater, including iconic rapids like Crystal and Lava Falls.

Our 6 Day Motor trip offers the option of round-trip transportation from Las Vegas or Marble Canyon.

3 Day Escape

3 Day Escape mapOur 3 Day Escape is a great introduction to camping and rafting in the canyon. You’ll still see ⅓ of the canyon from the river in a short amount of time! The first day of the trip will be spent at the Bar 10 Ranch doing various ranch activities. The next day begins with a helicopter ride into the canyon at Whitmore Wash (Mile 187). You’ll then travel 90 river miles: 50 miles by motorized raft and the final 40 miles by jetboat until you exit at Pearce Ferry (Mile 280). This trip is 3 days and 2 nights, with 1 night at the ranch and 1 night camping alongside the river. The side hikes on this trip are shorter than the 6 Day Motor but still a lot of fun! We try to stop at a unique hidden waterfall and at a place to jump off rocks into the river.

The 3 Day Escape has two separate trip options: Round-trip from Las Vegas, Nevada, or from South Rim Grand Canyon.

Which one should you pick?

Our 3 Day Escape is a great choice if you are looking for a shorter trip. You’ll still have time to experience the Grand Canyon and disconnect. Guests commonly book this trip as a graduation present, a birthday celebration, a family reunion, or a weekend getaway. This trip is perfect for families on road trips who want to combine the Grand Canyon with other national parks in the Southwest, like Zion. It is also a fun getaway for couples who want to pair our 3 Day Escape with a nice hotel and show in Las Vegas.

If you have the time, choose our 6 Day Motor. We always recommend spending as much time in the canyon as you can. Raft through all the famous whitewater and explore deep within the canyon. You’ll see some incredible places that are only accessible by raft. Another highlight of our longer trips is the time spent with the other guests on the trip. Enjoy spending time hanging out in camp sharing stories and relaxing at the end of the day.

We’ve had lots of guests book either a 3 Day or a 6 Day and come back a few years later with friends or family and choose the other trip type. You really can’t go wrong booking either one for your vacation!

Feel free to give our office a call if you still need help deciding. Adventure awaits!

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