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X Type of Raft

Grand Canyon rafts are different from most other river trips because of the length of the time on the river and the volume of water. The Colorado River is a major drainage river for most of the West and the Grand Canyon is almost 300 miles long. Combine that with difficult and limited access points in and out of the river, and you see why unique equipment has developed for Grand Canyon river trips.

The two main styles of rafts we use are motorized and oar rafts. About 75% of all river guests take a motorized raft trip in the Grand Canyon. This number has remained steady for many years, because an oar trip requires a longer time commitment or the ability to hike into or out of the Grand Canyon. The motorized trips allow you to see more of the Grand Canyon in less time and do not have a hike in or out required.

Let’s look at the differences: Click Here