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Trip Length

Our 6 Day Motor7 Day Motor8 Day Motor, and 13 Day Oar trips are the most traditional Grand Canyon adventures. Traveling through the very heart of the canyon and passing the major overlooks on the South and North Rims, these trips experience the famous rapids, scenic side canyons and grand vistas without requiring you to hike into or out of the canyon.

Our 6 Day Oar and 8 Day Oar trips are the perfect trip for those wanting to combine a Grand Canyon raft trip with one of the most rewarding of all hikes – into or out of the Grand Canyon.

Our 3 Day Motor package provides the chance for all to experience the thrill of being at the bottom of Grand Canyon on a raft looking up, with a unique slice of Western hospitality at the Bar 10 Ranch. Add the thrill of flying to the river in a helicopter and the fun rapids of the lower 1/3 of the Grand Canyon; this trip is a non-stop, fun getaway.