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Trip Info Packet – Weather

Mother Nature

Weather can vary greatly during your trip, but the following chart shows average temperatures and precipitation. Humidity is usually very low, making the high temperatures less uncomfortable. River water temperatures average a cold 50-55°F all year long.

Keep in mind that extreme weather (heat, cold, wind, rain, hail, flash flooding, etc.) can occur
at any time with little to no advanced warning. Follow the packing list to be better prepared for a variety of conditions.

  • April and May tend to be sunny with possible late-winter storms. Be prepared for cooler weather!
  • June through mid-July is typically quite hot and sunny.
  • Mid-July through mid-September is hot and mostly sunny with a strong chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Mid-September through October is usually warm and sunny with a chance of an early-winter storm. Be prepared for cooler weather!

How To Check

Take a look at our weather blog for links to weather forecasts in the canyon and tips on how to pack accordingly.

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