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Tips for Bringing Glasses or Contacts on a River Trip

By Krystal • August 3, 2023

Rafting through the Grand Canyon can be tough on your eyes! The dry canyon air and wind can cause redness and irritation. You’re also likely to get sand/dust in your eyes at some point, so don’t forget to pack some eye drops! Here is what you need to know if you are planning on bringing eyewear.


The advantage of contacts is that you don’t have to worry about them falling off or slipping down a sweaty nose! However, you’ll have to swap them out often due to the harsh canyon climate and abundance of dirt/sand. Additionally, your eyes may become irritated if you wash your hands, then change your contact lenses. Our hand wash water contains a small amount of bleach per park service regulations. Consider bringing extra disposable lenses to switch out more than once a day and a pair of backup glasses.


Glasses are a great option since you don’t have to touch your eyes. Just put them on and you’re all set! Bring a hard shell case for storage and a retention strap so your glasses don’t end up at the bottom of the Colorado!

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