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Sleeping in the Grand Canyon isn’t In-Tents

By Brannon • May 6, 2023

Type the word “camping” into an image search on the internet  and you will see countless pictures of tents. Tents in the woods, tents on the mountains, tents on the beach, tents in the daylight, and tents in the dark. There is nothing that says “camping” more than a nice cozy tent. However, in the Grand Canyon, this is not always the case. Most of our guests opt to sleep outside under the stars instead.

Where Do I Sleep?

We’ll provide a tent for everyone on the trip.  Our tents are 4-person that comfortably accommodate 2 cots with space to keep your duffle bags inside as well. Oftentimes, those traveling together will share a tent, and those who prefer their own tent can be set up solo. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to share a tent with a stranger. However, the more people you ask, the more you will hear that setting up a tent is the rare exception, not the rule.

Everyone who has spent at least one night in the Grand Canyon will tell you that tents are often more of a nuisance than a luxury.

-Sand loves your tent more than you do! The sand in the canyon is a constant companion. With some tips and tricks from your guides and fellow travelers, you can keep it somewhat controlled. Sand will get into your tent and once it’s there it is impossible to evict without considerable effort. The mesh walls of the tent ensure that only the finest grains of sand make it through when the wind inevitably blows.

-Along with moving the sand with great efficiency, the wind is the perfect instrument for transporting your tent to the most remote areas of the Grand Canyon. Properly securing your tent to the beach is a vital part of the setup and can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. This is time that could be spent relaxing with a cold beverage and enjoying camp with your fellow travelers. Also, when the wind blows, the sounds of the ruffling nylon can be quite loud while attempting to sleep.

– Tents are hot and stuffy. Even without the rainfly, tents will hold onto the heat with uncanny efficiency for a shelter made of thin nylon and mesh.

What happens when it rains?

It’s not all bad news! If there is a chance of rain, the wise camper will be prepared with a tent set up and ready to go. When it does rain, the dust and sand will stay put and the temperature will usually drop and you can sleep soundly, listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on your rainfly.

So…without a tent…I just sleep outside?

Yes! The night sky is spectacular in the Grand Canyon. The shadows of the canyon walls rise like curtains to the blanket of stars in the sky. There is very little standing water so bugs are rarely an issue. Setting up camp in the afternoons and packing up each morning is fast and smooth without a tent. With a few helpful tips from your guides, and choosing a good spot for your cot, you will enjoy a great night’s sleep.

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