How to Enjoy Your Trip to the Fullest

By Marie • November 11, 2018

For most, rafting the Grand Canyon is a check off the bucket list and a long-awaited adventure. We would like to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible. Here are some helpful tips when gearing up for your river trip and to enjoy your river trip to the fullest.

Set the Right Expectations

You’ve signed up for a backcountry adventure. Life on the river is limited by the amenities we can supply. You’ll be setting up your own camp every night, helping unload the boats and washing your own dishes.

Value your Time

From wild rapid rides to lounging in camp, your trip will be full of memorable moments. Take the time to appreciate these moments while you’re in the canyon. You’ll find yourself adapt to river life quickly and the reality of where you are and what you’re accomplishing can slip away. A great time to reflect on these moments is just before you fall asleep under the blanket of stars.

Positive Attitude

We encourage you to set a positive tone for your adventure. There may be a time on your trip when you’re tired and it’s hot, but the feeling will pass and you’ll be left with a life-changing experience.

Drink Responsibly

Many of us enjoy having an adult beverage while on the river and that’s great! We ask that you drink responsibly and be respectful of other passengers and your guides on your trip. There will always be a coffee call early in the morning, no matter your festivities the night before.


Our goal is to prepare you as much as possible before you’re on the river, so you can kick back and relax while you’re there. Feel free to ask us any questions, and please know that we have your best interest in mind. Sometimes, allowing yourself the luxury of not knowing every detail can also be rewarding. Learn from the river, go with the flow.

Make Friends

You may be traveling solo or with a large group, either way, we urge you to socialize with everyone. Your river trip may consist of people coming from all over the world and the good news is you already have one thing in common! Communication with your fellow rafters and guides can go a long way.

Let go or be dragged

This is our marketing guy Dean’s favorite saying. What he means is: you can worry about every single detail (Where are we camping tonight? What’s the elevation gain of this hike? What is for dinner?) but your job is to have fun and relax. Don’t spend the whole trip wondering what’ll happen next, just be in the moment!

We sincerely appreciate you choosing Arizona River Runners for your rafting experience. We hope that this information is helpful for your upcoming adventure!