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River Trip Info

Below are the current protocols for the 2022 season. Please know that, like everything in this current environment, these are fluid and subject to change.

What To Expect
Higher Risk

What To Expect

You can still expect a fun, adventurous, and awe-inspiring river trip! We’ve long understood the importance of strict hygiene and sanitation practices on group trips. Below are a few additional things you’ll need to know. Regardless of your current vaccination status, all guests will need to follow these guidelines.

•The health and wellbeing of everyone on your river trip depends upon each of us doing our part. Please take extra precautions and adhere to local, state, and federal guidelines in your area in the weeks leading up to your river trip.

•While we strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated, it is not a requirement. Additionally, consider getting a COVID test in the days before your trip.

Travel as safely as possible as you make your way to us.

•Masks are recommended but optional in our provided pre- and post-trip transportation. Please bring a mask with you in case you do need it along the way. You will not be asked to wear a mask on the rafts, during side hikes, or hanging in camp.

•You are expected to self-monitor and report any changes in your health to the trip leader.

•There will be access to soap and hand sanitizer throughout the trip, but we encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer as well.

If a person shows symptoms on the river, we will isolate that person to the extent possible. If necessary, we will consult with National Park Service (NPS) dispatch and medical staff. NPS staff make final decisions regarding evacuations from the river.

•We have many additional ‘behind-the-scenes’ details to our plan, but we believe these are the ones that will affect you the most. If you have questions about what we’re doing, please ask.

•If you find yourself in an especially difficult situation because of the Coronavirus, you are facing a travel ban, etc., please contact us. Keeping all of us healthy is a primary concern, and we understand the need for flexibility in our cancellation policy in certain cases.


Several days before your river trip, we will email you a self-screen questionnaire asking you about any COVID symptoms and potential exposures. We will allow travelers to raft with us based on CDC guidance for quarantine and isolation AT THAT TIME. Please ensure that each participant (or legal guardian in the case of minors) in your group goes through the questionnaire. Be sure to self-assess honestly and appropriately. Please self-monitor and report any changes in your health to Arizona River Runners ASAP.

These are the types of questions you can expect:

1) Have you recently experienced any COVID-like symptoms that you cannot attribute to another condition?

2) Have you tested positive and are advised to isolate per the CDC recommendations?

3)  If you’ve recently been exposed to COVID, please read these CDC guidelines for masking and isolation. Are the guidelines advising you not to travel or be around others without a mask?

We cannot let you raft with us if you fail the pre-screen but will work with you to reschedule or refund.

Individuals at Higher Risk

Per National Park Service (NPS) Office of Public Health guidelines (issued 5/6/20), we are to inform you that it is strongly recommended that people at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should not go on backcountry river trips. If you are at a higher risk and concerned about doing the trip, please call us immediately.

No question too small!

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