Do I Really Need a Hiking Pack?

By Marie • November 10, 2016

On occasion we get guests who ask us, “What is something that you would recommend bringing that most people don’t think of?” Well, if you know anything about this blog, you’ll find there are a few items that we throw around here in the office. One that has gotten a lot of talk this past year, was the hiking bag.

What is a hiking bag you ask? Basically it’s any bag or pack that can hold just a few items for short to medium distance hikes. Many of our hikes are not terribly long, but many do require a bit of maneuverability. So if you have your water bottle, camera, sunscreen and a snack, a little bag will go a long way. Although you can carry your water bottle and/or the day bag provided by ARR, this is not recommended. The day bag is a bit heavy and sweaty and you’ll need your hands.

woman carrying a waterbottle smalljam

The easiest way to accomplish this is with a string bag. Have any of you gone to a conference and gotten the cheapest made bag possible to carry all your SWAG? Well this is the same type of bag. Basically it’s light material with a shoe string as straps.

Another useful hiking bag is the lumbar pack. This is a fancy name for a fancy fanny pack. It’s small enough and light enough to carry basic items and usually modern lumbar packs have a spot for a water bottle.

A hydration pack or school backpack is a very common bag to bring and gives you the added benefit of comfort.


Finally, if your saying to yourself, “All I really need is my water bottle.” No worries! Your guides will be carrying extra snacks, first aid and sunscreen, so bring a water bottle,  but find a way to strap it to your person. This can be achieved with webbing and duct tape or a carabiner (make sure that your water bottle is approximately a liter).

hiking water bottle

Remember, that if you ever feel like your two hands aren’t enough to get over a rock or up an incline, please ask your guide to help you out. Stay safe out there. It’s a lot more fun that way.