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Do I Really Need a Carabiner?

By Krystal • April 13, 2023

Carabiners are very handy on the river! We recommend bringing 1 – 2 as they are often used to clip your water bottle and other items to the rafts. This helps to keep them secure and easily accessible throughout the day.

A good size to bring is one that is 3 to 4 inches long – the carabiner just needs to be able to clip through the loop on your water bottle and the 1-inch strap on the raft. This will make it easier to access your water bottle throughout the day.

They do not need to be heavy-duty climbing carabiners. Additionally, you probably do not want one that has a twist lock or sleeve on it because they can be a hassle to open and close.

Carabiners for your river trip can be found in our shop or REI.

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