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Beverage Order Form 2023

Arizona River Runners provides water, a mix of diet, and regular soda and electrolyte mix. If you only drink a certain brand (fruit juices, mixers, tonic, preferred soda, etc.), you may want to order an additional supply as some choices run out. We do not supply alcoholic beverages.

Do not attempt to carry alcohol in your backpack if you are hiking into the canyon to start your river trip! For your convenience, we make arrangements with a local liquor store so you may pre-order your alcoholic beverages directly through them. When you arrive. your beverages will be pre-packed on the rafts. All beer must be in cans, not glass. Wine should be in boxes. Liquor in a glass bottle is acceptable but plastic is preferred.

We work with our vendor each winter to get their updated pricing. We will post the beverage order form on this site once it is up-to-date and available for your use. You will receive an email reminder from us when it is ready to go so you don’t need to keep checking this page.

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