A Tip . . . About the Tip

By RaftArizona • March 7, 2019

Undoubtedly, after spending a few days watching your trusty river guides lift, cook, push, clean, steer and protect you through your trip in the canyon, you might be inclined to give them gratuity for their hard work.

Of course, tipping is completely optional but, if you’re like most of our guests, you’ll be eager to show your guides your appreciation. Here are a few tips about it:

  • The guides are generally given the tip on the last night of the trip (or at lunch on the last day if you’re on a 3-day trip).
  • Most passengers tip 8 to 10 percent of their trip cost, but you can tip whatever you feel is appropriate.
  • You can either bring cash on the trip with you, a blank check or a travelers check if you’re traveling internationally.
  • Store cash or your check in a Ziploc bag and tuck it in the bottom of your duffel bag until the final night.
  • If you are an international traveler, you might want to think about either bringing cash or going to a bank and getting a cashier’s check to take with you on the trip. Foreign checks are not commonly accepted at US banks.
    Once you’ve decided how much to tip, you can give the entire amount to the trip leader.  He/she will then divide the money evenly among the rest of the crew members.

    See, that isn’t too scary or hard, is it?!