3 Day Trip Side Hikes

NOTE: This information applies only to our short trips that begin at Bar 10 Ranch. For information about side hikes on trips that are 6 days or more, click here.

Guests have access to a few side hikes from the river. Part of the excitement of a Grand Canyon trip is that no one, not even your guides, knows exactly where you’ll stop on your trip. These trips are expeditions and the guides consider factors such as weather, river miles, and other groups on the river when they make decisions about where to stop.

All side hikes are optional, so if the trail is too challenging, you can turn around to hang out by the river instead.


The few side hikes in this section of the canyon are not very far from the river, approximately less than ¼ mile round-trip. However, it’s not the distance that makes it challenging – it’s the terrain. Most “trails” are on rock slabs, so be prepared for slippery surfaces.

Each trip, we do our best to stop at a waterfall that is tucked back in a slot canyon just off the river. Getting to the waterfall does require some scrambling. There are wooden planks and ropes to assist you along the way, but the rocks and boards can be very slippery. Having a strap or small backpack to carry your camera so you can keep your hands free is super helpful.


Most of the side hikes are through water. Surfaces are typically wet and slippery, so you’ll want sandals/shoes with good traction. The vast majority of our guests wear their river sandals on the rafts and for the side hikes. Some people prefer a pair of athletic shoes at the Bar 10 Ranch for walking on the uneven terrain, horseback riding and ATVing, but they are not required. If you prefer to travel light, one pair of river sandals and one pair of flip flops should be sufficient.

As always, if you have additional questions about our 3 day trips, please let us know. We’re happy to help!