• Trip Type 8 Day Motor
  • Cost per person $2,745.00
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  • The only trip that travels the full 280 mile length of the Grand Canyon. Get ready for endless days of excitement with famous rapids, spectacular hikes, beautiful waterfalls, and plenty of good food and friends. The trip ends with a scenic jet boat tour on Lake Mead and a ride back to Las Vegas.

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  • Trip Type 8 Day Motor
  • Cost per person $2,772.00
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  • The only trip that travels the full 280 mile length of the Grand Canyon. Get ready for endless days of excitement with famous rapids, spectacular hikes, beautiful waterfalls, and plenty of good food and friends. The trip ends with a scenic jet boat tour on Lake Mead and a ride back to Las Vegas.

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Trip Information8 Days, 7 Nights

  • Begins Las Vegas, NV
  • Ends Las Vegas, NV
  • River Miles 280 river miles from Marble Canyon to Pearce Ferry
  • Minimum Age 8 years of age
  • Cost listed above does not include: Transportation to Marble Canyon prior to trip start and from Pearce Ferry after trip ends (most guests arrange this through Arizona River Runners), lodging before and after your trip, National Park entrance fee, gratuity.

  • What's Included?
    • Jetboat ride across Lake Mead on Day 8
    • Experienced river guides
    • Two dry bags and a camp chair
    • A tent, cot, pillow, sleeping bag and sheet
    • Daily meals prepared in our camp kitchen
    • Snacks, water, electrolyte replenishment drinks, sodas
    • Arizona River Runners insulated cup

Trip Itinerary

Plan to arrive in Las Vegas at least one day before the trip starts. Consider staying at the Desert Rose Resort where a representative will pick guests up early morning on the first day.
A representative will meet guests early in the morning at the Desert Rose Resort. Board the shuttle and journey approximately 5 hours to Marble Canyon, AZ. There is an orientation meeting upon arrival at Lee’s Ferry, the launch point for your expedition. Guests will met the guides, be assigned two dry bags and a life jacket, and be ready to raft the Colorado River by late morning. Let the adventure begin!
Each day there are opportunities to soak up the Grand Canyon vistas, experience the biggest whitewater in North America, and explore various side canyons, waterfalls, and streams. At midday, lunch is prepared on the sandy beaches next to the river. After a full day, it will be time to set up camp and then relax while sharing stories with new friends. As the sun sets over the walls of the canyon, appreciate a good night’s rest under a starry sky.
Enjoy one final riverside meal within the walls of the Grand Canyon. By mid-morning guests will transfer to a jetboat for approximately an hour ride to Pearce Ferry on Lake Mead. A bus will return guests to Las Vegas, arriving around mid-afternoon.

2016 Trip Dates

There are no trip dates available at this time.


The simplest answer is that most people book their Colorado River rafting trip during the peak periods of the summer, (June-August). If you have flexibility in scheduling your trip and want to take advantage of the great Arizona weather, Arizona River Runners suggests booking your rafting trip from May to early June or in September.

We take pride in offering well-rounded meals that are in generous quantities to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Our menus have been crafted through years of satisfied guests. 

Each morning brings a different menu of classic breakfast items. You’ll wake up to freshly prepared breakfasts such as egg omelets or pancakes and sausage. Fresh fruit, orange juice, shade-grown organic coffee, and an assortment of teas, and hot chocolate accompany each breakfast. 

Lunches are a favorite for many with its variety of deli meats, with all the fixings. There are always cookies, pickles and chips to round out the meal. 

At the end of an activity filled day, it’s good to recharge with a hearty meal. You’ll enjoy a variety of tasty dinners such as salmon and wild rice, build your own chicken fajitas, spaghetti, and grilled rib-eye steaks. There are always an array of side dishes and salads to fill your plate. After an active day, you can enjoy our scrumptious desserts guilt-free. An assortment of snacks (candy bars, fruit, trail mix, cookies), as well as water, sodas, and electrolyte replacement powders are available at all times on the trip. 

We feel that our meals are nutritious and will accommodate the majority of guests. If you have a medically or ethically mandated special diet, please inform us so that we can determine if we can accommodate you. We happily accommodate all vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians. Please note your needs in your trip participation form, being sure to include helpful details, such as if eggs and dairy are okay. 

In the dry hot climate of the canyon, with elevated exposure to the elements and physical exertion, we recommend you abandon restrictive diets that you may follow at home which are purely voluntary such as low fat or low carb. If you have any severe food allergies please contact our office with plenty of time before your trip to come up with a plan of action for your trip.

For most of our guests, this is their first river trip. Arizona River Runners provides all the equipment and expertise; you just come along for the fun.
One myth is that reservations must be made years in advance. The larger your group or more restricted your time period, the more it pays to plan ahead. For the most part, we will be taking reservations right up to the start of the season so give us a call or check our website to find out what is still available.

Being a desert environment, mosquitoes and flying insects are virtually nonexistent. Snakes and scorpions are seldom seen, but your guides will be well equipped to deal with any visitor. If you’re lucky you might have your camera ready when a Desert Big Horn Sheep or Great Blue Heron happens by.

Partaking in a trip through the Grand Canyon should not be a dream for the few. At Arizona River Runners we are committed to making the Grand Canyon accessible to everyone, including those with mobility or sensory impairments. 

Ultimately, your safety and well-being are the key ingredients to making your outing a successful one. We have experience helping persons with disabilities in both our regular scheduled trips and trips that are custom-designed for people with disabilities. Call our office at 800-477-7238 and let us see if we can help make your trip a reality.

Like many outdoor activities, there are a number of risks that should be considered and whitewater rafting is no exception. However, Arizona River Runners has an outstanding safety record. Just remember, our first priority on any trip is your safety.

Once you have reserved your trip we will send you a complete information packet full of useful information including a detailed packing list. Keep in mind that Arizona River Runners provide all your camping gear as well as all your meals on the trip.

It is not necessary to know how to swim and everyone must wear Coast Guard approved lifejackets provided by Arizona River Runners, at all times, while on the river.

Most rivers are rated on the International Scale of 1 to 6, with a 6 meaning the river is impassable. However, the rapids in Grand Canyon use a different scale. The Colorado River is one of three rivers in the world rated by individual rapid on a 1 to 10 scale. 

This system of rating arose due to the variety of rapids and volume of water in the Canyon. Grand Canyon rapids are formed in a pool-drop system, which means after every rapid, there is a flat, calm section of water. On the 1 to 10 scale, flat water is rated a 1 while more technical rapids in Grand Canyon, like Lava Falls and Crystal, can be rated a 10 depending on water level.

Arizona River Runners highly recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan to protect you and your trip investment. We have a number of guests that use it each year. Consider travel protection for Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more…